Kukituksia (2017)
A hundred bouquets of flowers
Concept: Henna Tanskanen & Hannah Ouramo
Flowers constructed together with work rehabilitation facility SeesamPro

Kukituksia worked with “local waste” at the site of its production. The project continues our previous thinking on plastic and nature and focuses on the meaning of work/labour in the Finnish society.

Kukituksia (Finnish: “kukittaa”, to give/adorn with flowers) was a project in collaboration with Orton Foundation’s work rehabilitation facility SeesamPro (read more about the foundation here) and reusable packaging service RePack. Kukituksia was an intervention. We worked with excess materials and by-products left over from the facility’s commissioned work, which focuses mainly on the production of plastic packaging and merchandise. We developed plastic species of flowers out of these materials to be assembled as flower bouquets. The hundred flower bouquets were then sent to a hundred chosen recipients who are in positions that affect unemployment and asked the receiver to look at waste otherwise and see other meanings, signs, life-worlds where at first one might see only trash, waste, uselessness.

The project has its own blog.

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