Art. Performance. Installation. Happening. Sharing. 

Plastic. Site-specific. Networks of materials. Concepts of nature. Looking through other lenses. 

Collaboration. Collective authorship. Art as parasite. Local economy. Play.

Cotton Bullet Collective focuses on actions and interventions. The collective seeks to study space as lived experience and facilitate artistic works in which public space and its politics are viewed as spheres of action and participation. Their work addresses nature/culture dichotomies, separations between the organic and the inorganic and alternative economies and forms of exchange in spaces used for retail and profit. Cotton Bullet Collective explores what kinds of communities, skills and strategies are needed in this age of planetary crisis, and how is art the space for perceiving these strategies.

Cotton Bullet Collective is a partnership of two performance makers with backgrounds in theatre, visual arts and performance, working with invited collaborators. We work at the crossroads of performance, theatre, visual arts, feminism, ecology and activism, and our work is currently funded by the Finnish Cultural Foundation.

We are currently working on our next project involving public space, waste and supply chains.

Contact us: cottonbulletcollective@gmail.com.