(2015) Aleksanterinkatu 15, Helsinki
Concept: Henna Tanskanen & Hannah Ouramo
Space constructed together with: Helsinki Upper Secondary School of Visual Arts, passers-by

Metsä² was a large-scale art work constructed out of so-called “local waste”, referring to the packaging and electronic waste produced in the surroundings of a rented retail space on the high street of the city centre of Helsinki. The rented space was 290m² and formerly used by the fashion retailer Mango.

Metsä² claimed:

  • We do not sell anything, we do not expect anything in return from the audience/visitors/passers-by.
    Our urban environment is natural just as “natural” is unnatural.
  • Waste can and should be regarded differently.
  • Not selling nothing is a  gesture of anarchy in the middle of a commercial environment.
  • ‘Waste’ is a linguistic category.
  • The forest is a network of agents, and humans are inescapably part of it.
  • Waste is natural, waste is material, just like the rest of us.
  • The use of space is a shared political undertaking.
  • This text is a performance.

You can find the project’s blog and more images here.

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